Barcode Label Printer Repair

Repairing Printers, Restoring Efficiency: Your Trusted Partner in Barcode Printer Repair Solutions!

When it comes to Barcode Label Printer Repair, Labeling Solutions stands as the industry leader with nearly three decades of experience servicing all major brands and types of barcode label printers. We take pride in providing top-notch service and support after the sale, ensuring your labeling equipment stays in optimal working condition.

Our expertise spans a wide range of renowned brands, including Zebra, Honeywell (encompassing legacy brands Datamax-O’Neil and Intermec), TSC, and Sato. Whether you have an industrial, desktop, mobile, or wearable printer, we are here to diagnose and repair it efficiently.

Our comprehensive repair services cover a spectrum of issues, such as replacing printheads, platen rollers, cutters, sensors (both ribbon and media), drive belt replacements, network card installations, and even front panel replacements, including touchscreen and push-button operated panels.

Requesting our repair services is a breeze- just fill out our support request, providing details of the issue, the purchase date of your barcode label printer, and its serial number. We’ll promptly review your request and guide you on where to ship the printer, ensuring a hassle-free process. For warranty service, please remember that the printer should be sent to the original manufacturer. If possible, use the original packaging to box up your barcode label printer, and we’ll supply you with the shipping address. Trust Labeling Solutions for efficient and reliable barcode printer repair services that keep your business moving.

Note: In the unfortunate event of a motherboard failure, the cost of repair and parts may be prohibitive, making it more practical to invest in a new printer.

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