Unearth a world of vibrant blooms and flourishing greens with our Wrap Tags collection.
Labeling Solutions is proud to offer a wide range of wrap around tags perfect for nursery and garden staff. Our wrap tags come in various sizes and vibrant colors, providing an efficient and eye-catching way to label hanging plants, shrubs, and trees.
With wrap tags, you can easily display important information such as plant names, care instructions, barcodes, and pricing. Whether you need to label a single plant or an entire garden, our wrap tags are the ideal solution for all your horticultural labeling needs.
What sets our wrap tags apart is their compatibility with all Labeling Solutions Horticultural Label Printer Versions. Whether you have the SELECT
(Desktop) or PRO (Industrial) ... printer, our wrap tags work seamlessly with both. We offer standalone options, as well as software options like Deluxe and Pro, and even the option that includes both standalone and software functionalities.
Experience the convenience and versatility of our tree tags and create a well-organized and professional garden environment effortlessly. Explore our selection and find the perfect label solutions for your horticultural needs.
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