The best plant label printers for the holidays


Labeling Solutions offers a variety of printer options for garden labeling and tagging this holiday season. Our industrial and desktop label printers are ideal for labeling the abundance of trees, plants, and ornamental items at your garden center. As we all know, that the holidays are boasted as a favorite time of year, but it is also one of the busiest. So to keep your business going smoothly and flawlessly by choosing the plant label printers that work best for you and your customers this holiday season.

A Plethora of Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is a symbol of the holiday, and undeniably the most popular plant of purchase during the season. By using a portable label printer, you can label heavy, awkward trees quickly and correctly. This type of handheld label printer has a range that includes both thermal transfer and direct transfer models, bluetooth, USB or wi-fi capabilities. Even in freezing temperature, you can rely on these labels to stay, and not fade in winter’s stormy weather. When reliability and durability cannot be compromised, opt for one of these units that make it easy for customers to find the perfect family Christmas tree without inconvenience.

Rows of Poinsettias

As the poinsettia has evolved into Christmas’ favorite bloom, with skyrocketing sales each season, it easily ranks as one of the top selling flowering potted plants. By using a standalone desktop thermal label printer, you will have the versatility and reliability needed when labeling your planters. Conveniently, desktop label printers are an economical choice, with extended warranties, large LCD screens and other features that make printing durable, professional labels convenient. This product will allow you to stay organized, and a head of the crowd this season.

Keep Up to Speed with Wreaths, Garland, and Kissing Balls

Christmas wreaths, garlands, and kissing balls add holiday flair to stairways, doorways, mantels, porches and more, as well as bringing the fresh scent of pine and evergreen into the home for the holiday season. Needless, to say these highly purchased products are in high demand for the season. By using industrial thermal label printers, you enable the highest output possible for printing of labels and tags which is essential during the upcoming season. This label printer is ideal for large scale printing requirements, as they have exceptional speed and print quality. You are also able to choose from a range of print widths, USB or Ethernet configurations, and optional cutter and rewinder add-ons, that make your printing needs fully customizable.

Call the experts at Labeling Solutions this holiday season to help customize your labeling needs. We guarantee we can help you towards the best label printing system and software that will save you time and money! Speak with an experienced expert today for assistance in choosing your best option at 1-866-388-4059.

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