Labeling Solutions For Your Garden Center


The season for gardening is upon us! If you run a garden center, you know how important clear and durable labeling is when it comes to displays, individual plant instructions, prices, inventory and more. In honor of the balmy temperatures, the colorful blooms, and that wonderful smell of freshly potted soil, here are our top five favorite additions to any garden this season.


To many horticulturists’ dismay, wild impatiens have been detrimentally affected by a worldwide “blight.” SunPatiens, though, are a hardy and colorful replacement for your flower boxes, patio displays, and yard. They are versatile and easy to please, whether your garden is in full sun or shade. These flowers will continue to bloom throughout the summer with minimal maintenance and add a dramatic pop of color to any garden array.

Sun Gold Tomatoes

The perfect balance of tangy and sweet, sun golds are an asset to any edible garden project. These plants grow quickly, so try a Topsy Turvy grower to maintain the strength of the stem, and yield hundreds of delicious tomatoes throughout the year. It’s not just a clever name, place your sun golds in full sun for the highest tomato yield.


Whether in a raised bed, window box or planter, lettuce is one of the most simple and rewarding veggies to grow. Bibb, Spinach, Radicchio and Romaine all explode with leafy goodness within a few days of re-planting, as long as you water them thoroughly and they get plenty of sun. Nothing beats a fresh, nutritious salad picked straight from your very own supply of greens.

Barcodes are fast becoming the defacto standard beyond final pricing throughout industry. By having a thermal label printer, printing your product barcodes at a very high printing rate can assist the efficiency of your business productivity.

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Speaking of greens, herbs are another important aspect of your garden if you cook–or even if you don’t use the fresh herbs in your recipes, they still lend a pretty and aromatic aspect to your array. Try a pot full of chives, parsley, oregano, cilantro, rosemary and basil and soon you’ll be flexing your world cuisine chops with the freshest garnishes imaginable.


A long standing favorite amongst gardening enthusiasts of all levels, petunias are really a must-have bloom. A delicate mix of white, all shades of pink, purple and more, petunias grow fast and bloom steadily. They are low maintenance and perfect for beginner gardeners who don’t have the attention span to dead-head and constantly see to the constant needs of more needy flowers.

Make certain that your garden center customers are fully informed about the plants they purchase, from the amount of sunlight they need, to helpful tips and tricks. With the help of labeling solutions garden center label printers, your bottom line will thrive alongside all of the beautiful flora you sell!

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