Barcode Label Printer Support

Service and support after the sale is the Labeling Solutions advantage – with nearly 3 decades of experience supporting all major brands and types of barcode label printers (industrial, desktop, mobile and wearable) from the industry leaders of barcode label printers - Zebra, all Honeywell brands (Datamax and Intermec), TSC and Sato; as well as Bartender barcode labeling software. It is easy to request support, just fill out support request detailing the issues, date of barcode label printer purchase and serial number (if printer issued). We will review the request and determine if the issue is a software or barcode label printer issue then communicate next steps. If it is a barcode label printer issue, then we will direct you where to ship the barcode label printer (warranty service requires that printer be sent to original manufacturer). Then box up the barcode label printer in the original box (if at all possible) and ship it to the address that we supply.